I have been in software development for over a decade working on a variety of solutions, starting with a Windows desktop application and eventually transitioning onto the web. I have worked with a variety of businesses ranging from startups all the way to big brands. Software I have worked on includes anything from small internal applications to large e-commerce solutions to large data transformation (ETL) pipelines. I have built production systems in a variety of languages and frameworks including Ruby / Rails, Python, and, more recently, Elixir and Erlang. A bulk of my experience comes from working with large object-oriented codebases, but my current passion lies in functional programming. I enjoy building software that makes others' lives easier, so they have a positive experience with tech.

When I am not writing code, I’m spending time with my wife and four kids in Durham, NC. We enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors as much as we can; board games and reading for the times that we cannot.

Speaking Engagements

I have enjoyed talking and sharing at the local Elixir Meetup. If you are in the area, stop by some time and say hi!

I also spoke at ElixirConf 2018 on Breaking Down the User Monolith. This subject was a passion project of mine as I came to better understand Domain-Driven Design and really appreciate the design of Elixir’s Ecto library.

You can discuss this talk more over on the Elixir Forum.

Get in Touch

Looking to get in touch with me? I’d love that! You can reach out to me on Twitter at @zporter9, and I occasionally respond to emails at zporter9 AT gmail DOT com.